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Open Board Position

Thank you for participating in our vote! The results are in:

Jason Sherman 76
Joe Sisson 36

Congratulations to Jason Sherman!

A public vote will determine the elected nominee.  The vote will take place during the first home game of the 2018 Football Season, August 18th between the hours of 9am and 3:30pm.  The voting location will be near the entrance gate on the west side of the High School Football Field.

To be eligible to vote, you must be an active member of Newcastle All Sports Association.  A member is considered as a single membership, no matter how many children he/she may have participating in the association.  Only two votes per household are allowed.

Members must show an ID in order to obtain a ballot.  The voting official will find the members name on the voter log. If the member’s name does not appear on the log a list with the member’s name, address and phone number will be maintained.  A member may only vote once in any election.

If you have any questions, please email us or fill out our contact form.

We currently have one (1) open board member position.  The nominees are as follows:

Jason Sherman

I have always had a love for sports, especially football. I have also found a desire to pass this passion down to the next generation. I have volunteered my time for the last five to six years coaching several youth teams, including basketball, football and a highly competitive softball team. My love for football started as a boy and grew as I played varsity ball at Norman North High School in the early 2000’s. I met my wife Samantha our junior year in high school. We were married in 2004 and will celebrate our 15th year of marriage this coming February. After graduation, I served as a 13B in the Unites States Army during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. Samantha and I have three children. Jayce Madison is in 7th grade, Mackinzie Jo is in 5th grade, and Brody Eugene is in 4th grade, all at Newcastle. We moved here in 2013 and are very involved in the community. I would love your vote to become a board member for the Newcastle All Sports Association so that I can further help the next generation in Newcastle. Board members work very hard to provide a safe and functioning system for our children to thrive in, and I would like to be a part of that. Thank you for your consideration and GO RACERS!!!

Joe Sisson

Husband and best friend to Kristen and father to Kennady 15yrs. old, Mya 12yrs. old, and Ezra 7 yrs. old. I have been a Newcastle resident since 2009. We attend South Pointe church in south OKC and are very active in the children’s nursery program. I enjoy playing recreational sports, kayaking, paddle boarding, camping, and watching my kids play sports. I love kids and seeing the little life lessons that they learn through organized sports. Having been involved in coaching with each of my kids, I love the opportunity we as parents get to positively influence and teach these young kids and to be a role model to them.
I am a Newcastle alumni class of 1999, I moved to Newcastle the summer of 1996, my sophomore year where I played football, basketball, and baseball. Sports has always been a big part of my life from a young age. I’ve learned a lot of life lessons through playing sports and had several coaches that positively impacted my life, and still to this day continue to be role models in my life.
Both of my daughters have participated in NASA in multiple sports from 1st grade through their 6th grade year and my son Ezra is currently a part of NASA in multiple sports.
I would like to be considered to the NASA Board to continue to help serve our community and the children in which represent our community. It is vital that we provide a solid foundation for our youth to first have fun and be kids but ultimately as they grow and mature to be respectful, disciplined, hardworking individual that will go on long past their youth years and have the confidence to achieve their goals.